You know your pet better than anyone. If you think the event will be too much for your furry friend to handle, please leave them at home, come to the event and then share it with them later!

Q. Does my dog need to be on a leash?

A. Yes, please have your dog on a leash less than 6' in length. Retractable leashes are not allowed for safety reasons.

Q. Should I bring doggie waste bags?

A. Yes, please bring waste bags. There will be designated areas for your dog to use the potty. Please use these areas. 

Q. Can I bring a cooler?

A. Coolers and glass are NOT permitted. 

Q. Can I bring chairs and blankets?

A. Chairs and blankets are welcome. Coolers are NOT permitted.

Q. Will there be water available for my dog?

A. Yes, there will be hydration stations for your pooch.

Q. Will there be parking available for disabled persons? 

A. Yes, the parking spaces closest to the event entry will be utilized for this purpose.

Q. Can I bring my cat? 

A. Although we love our feline friends, this event isn't a good place for them. Please leave kitty at home. 

Q. Is there a rain date for the event? 

A. There currently is not a rain date for this event.

Q. ATMs?
A. There will not be any ATMs on site.

Q. Where can I donate to ARC? 

A. You can donate here.